I used to look puzzled at BASIC way, way back in computer club…

…and never thought I would be learning to code. That is for those other, smarter, stronger, talented, brave, younameit people, not this tiny village, horse farm kid from northern Europe. But that's also what I thought before I bought a loud and shiny motorcycle and learned how to take the motor out; picked up the bass, joined a heavy rock band and moved to NYC; …somehow it turned out it was for me after all, so why did coding still seem unimaginable? Well, the math thing, I failed all classes and scraped by on art and languages, like a proper lady.

Then, one day a nice person told me that Railsgirls is coming to town and that was it. I was left dizzy with an intense desire to understand what just happened: "I can build stuff with my favorite machines? Oh, it's so on…"

(and when hesitant to enter at a Ruby conference, I imagine all in black Rock T-shirts and it's just another Metal show)

Starting somewhere:

They say: "just build something", but that means I needed to know how to change directories, commit, push, pull and understand why the Railsgirls coach made me hit 'Control-C' and then type in 'rails s'… I had no idea there even was a Terminal.

Here are links that got me started with CSS and HTML to build this website:

  • Treehouse
  • Frontend? Backend?
  • Don't fear…
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • A List Apart
  • Smashing Magazine
  • Fronteers
  • Designs to drool over
  • Then on to Ruby and Rails:

  • Ruby course
  • Codecademy
  • The main tool for every Developer...
  • Try Ruby
  • Cartoon foxes
  • beer.rb
  • Skillcrush tech terms
  • Commandline Basics
  • MVC
  • Scratch
  • Github?
  • Try Git
  • Git sheet
  • Sublime2
  • Podcasts:

  • Ruby Rogues
  • Giant Robots
  • Videos:

  • Ruby Intro
  • Geektube
  • Therapeutic Refactoring
  • The Walled Garden
  • Lists:

  • Nerdy resources
  • Excellent collection
  • Great Ruby list
  • Desktop Ergonomatrix

    "Sit up straight! Take your breaks! Do not mess with your muscles! They will win…and your desk IS trying to kill you!" I really, really mean it and wish somebody would have told me to stop ignoring my body and to check out my Trigger Points. After spending years in pain and $100 and up per session (that, no health insurance thing) on chiropractic, acupuncture, massages and anything else promising relief, I have found the only thing that works for me. It's not a quick fix, it does take patience, but it is amazing when you find the spots that make you cringe and feel better after working on them.


  • More links for your research pleasure here…
  • The surprisingly social animal.

    (don't try this all alone)

    I got myself Tweetdeck and and read what they had to say on Rails, Ruby and starting out.

  • Achzich
  • There could be cupcakes or beer or both:

  • RailsGirls-NL
  • Amsterdam Rubyists, probably one in your town
  • Amsterdam Appmakers
  • Learning is popping up all over:

  • Railsgirls
  • Railsbridge
  • SF Hackbright
  • Rasberry Pi
  • Just start
  • They did it:

  • Joan's Story
  • Natasha's Story
  • Food for thought:

  • Why code?
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Empathy?
  • Selftaught
  • Reads